You’ve built             your home,
Withstrungwith            beautiful lines   ,
I watchedyou make             your design,

From        place            I'd          my       
           the          where       build      home,
Closetoyou     so you wouldn’t be           alone.

These spiderwebs,
That compose
                       our beds,
I hope someday             wecanshare.

I  watch yourlife,
There’s               no             disguise
I know just            who you are.

I can’t          help but notice,
You won’t be done until the                     snow is,
And I know you’re so          versatile,
So comestay withme  a whi le.

Please        accept this act of             kindness,
Maybe you’ll see what                 love is,
In my home where we won’t be                       alone,
And we can wait 'cause spring might        be postponed.

In      place            I'd         my
    the          where      built        home  ,
Closeto you so you wouldn’t be             alone.

These spiderwebs,
That compose
                       our beds,
I hope someday       wecanshare.

I       watch             your life,
There’s        no          disguise
I know just                who you are.

I hope           you know,
I’m just
And we’re under
           the same moon.

And that              all day         l o n g       ,
I keep it        strong,
In hopes that one day I can invite youin     .

© 2010 The Still Air

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