The Train

A thought train leaving a station
appears to be heading to the little town of reasoning
instead of the city of facts.
Neither is more pleasing.

The train scheduled to leave at a quarter after four
reminds me that there is no rush this quiet morning.
reminds me that there are no more facts.
reminds me that everyone's thoughts shut down in the evening,

while mine just started its engine.
I fed it. I gave it coal.
and this reasoning that i should hate,
lacks all control.

and having no control,
                  just happens to be something I love.

© 2011 The Still Air


a creature in territory

There are moments when I am just simply
                                  a               creature
wandering aimlessly among animal       territory
                       without proper understanding of the measure .

Countless operations
              seamless excavations
curious explorations
              no restorations.

the creature I am in that moment of time
                wandering among animal territory
makes me realize, perhaps just for myself,
         how much the animal I actually am, in theory .

© 2011 The Still Air


Wake up

Wake up, wake up,
Youre wasting somuchtime.
Theres a world to hide from
When youre less than fine.
Slow down, slow down
And make the clock count
Spend time on what you know
Because falling asleep is barely an amount.
Slow down. Youre getting older.
Wake up. Sleep is a crime.
Slow down. The hands of the clock wont do it for you.
Wake up.
Sleep is a waste of time.

© 2011 The Still Air


When was the last time?

When was the last time you stopped for a moment,
forgot      what time was,     forgot what  movement was capable of at best
   and just focused on  you,     blocked your    mind from    being potent,
listened to yourself   breathe,   listened  to  the   heart inside   your own chest?
       when was the last time you even noticed your own existence
   noticed that  you are   a human being  wandering aimlessly along    this planet   earth,
but   noticed that you     are not just a human being  wandering aimlessly looking for   assistance
but   realized that you   are    something    worth  talking   about.   you   are    something   with   worth?

     when was the last time you listened to your own breathing?

© 2011 The Still Air