There is something about these dragonfly's

are they kissing the water
   deciding if the taste is worth settling with ?
or  are they touching their feet along the surface
  wishing they could swim alongside the fish?
is the congregation communicating
   about a possible shift traverse ?
or are they just being peaceful          
   lazily waiting for  the intense heat to disperse?
i wonder if the instinct of the dragonfly's mind
   is as complex as that of me or her
and i can't help but wonder
   if the connection between them is instinctively defer
or truly something so much more vibrant
   and containing so much more complexion
than the simple motion i take to move us
   using a complex set of systems controlled by minds election .
simply done
   but difficult to explain why
is that a feeling
   felt by these dragonfly's ?
is instinct part of me or us
   like the instincts of the creatures ?
or is it more than that?
   is it beyond measures?
if these tiny swift creatures understood love
   would their intents be the same ?
or would  they be confused on who they are or what they are for
   similar to the thoughts that make us insane?
or would they still follow their instincts
   but treat the other as a muse ?
there's just something fascinating about these dragonfly's
   that have me captivated and amused.

© 2011 The Still Air


waking to lime light.

Chasing the wake
 catching the shoreline
leaving a dream
 to find the time
everchanging so slowly
 hands moving with a slight
sense of actual time
 under the lime light.

© 2011 The Still Air



The    act    of    concentratingthethoughts,
The art of         moving your      eyes,
Along each       detail and                   smile line
In the           second              you realize;

        The beautiful scenery     allaround,
                  Will   CONCOMITANTLY          d sappear
     as the       continuous         eyelock begins,
and         you focus on only     what'snear.

© 2011 The Still Air


heartbeat language

the heartbeat is a language all of its own;
its rhythm's identify with another 
and detect the speed, motion, and accent
and finds the right dialect to let emotions flutter.

when the language matches another heart,
the two translate, instill, and seal
because the words are worth remembering
as chest comes to chest and rhythms all they feel.

© 2011 The Still Air