Hide in the light

Sometimes just the fact,
That facts turn into reasons,
Becomes reasons to hide,
Hide from the seasons.

And sometimes the world,
Causes our world to tremble,
Trembling in firery fear,
And the fear to disassemble.

So sometimes it's ok,
To not be ok in the night,
Because night time brings darkness,
And darkness finds we hide in the light,

When it comes around.

© 2011 The Still Air


Body and Soul

"Do you believe in angels?"
She said,
As she placed her hood,
Upon her head,

And let the rain fall,
All around her,
With an umbrella at her side,
Embracing the cool water.

"Do you believe there’s,
Someone watching?
Someone who knows,
How were moving?

Someone who knows,
Every last sway,
And every last footstep,
And every last day?"

With that I said,
"Close your eyes,
Listen to the sounds,
And realize,

That with nights we have left,
There’s just so many thoughts,
To let run through our heads,
To run us overwrought."

"I was curious,
Of what its like to die,"
She said, "for every person,
There's not enough stars in the sky.

If we were meant,
To be alive,
I’m sure the angels,
Would make us realize,

That a star,
Has no conception,
To our,

So I took her hand,
And placed it over the moon,
To show her how dark,
The world could be soon,

And I said, "we’re all the moon,
We’re not the stars.
The angels are all flickering,
Guiding us through who we are.

I know the way,
You feel right now,
And I know the world,
Turns up somehow,

But in these dire days,
Please don’t separate,
Your body and soul,
Don’t contemplate,

Just step outside,
And breathe the air,
And realize,
That life’s not fair,

But it’s the people,
We hold close and dear,
It’s the people,
That we hold so near,

It’s the angels,
We all have in our hearts,
It’s the angels,
Who have grown to be a part,

of us

that make this life
worth living.

I do believe in angels,"
I said,
As I removed her hood,
From her head.

And let the rain,
Run down her face,
"Those are the angels,
washing your tears away."

© 2011 The Still Air



The best i can be
only comes with moonlight
so it seems,
that sleeping isn't right.

It's the one time i'm useful,
so to let it go to waste,
is like pretending i don't exist,
like pretending my home's not a place.

© 2011 The Still Air

not what i hear

why should someone like me,
deserve something so great.
why should someone like me,
have to sit and wait.

last night, there were signs,
loud and brilliant and bright,
and they were hidden in the sky,
and i slept right through the night.

i'm here because you want me here
not because anyone else wants me here.
if i was meant to be alive, then truly i would be,
but that's not what i hear.

© 2011 The Still Air


If only I wouldn't miss you

If only i wouldn't miss you, 
It would be so easy to dream constantly for weeks.
It would be so easy to disregard what life is.
It would be so easy to just disappear
And then reappear in silence.

If only i wouldn't miss you,
It would be so simple to slip away,
It would be so simple to let myself fall,
It would be so simple to let go of the railing
And catch on at the last second.

I would miss you,
It's not easy to dream at all, because you're so real,
It's not easy to think for a minute that i'm minuscule,
And it's not easy to know that leaving would mean leaving you,
And that's something i'm not willing to do.

I still can't wait to reach my home in the sand,
But i'm happy enough living in my home with you.

© 2011 The Still Air


When lost at sea

location isn't key,
when you're lost at sea,
it's not the first thing to come to mind,
nor is the time.
You simply feel your way through
without fear of whats in front of you,
and in the moment of despair,
you'll remember you're still here.
No matter which way you steer,
you'll eventually come near,

the shore.

© 2011 The Still Air


we're all the same, we're all uniqiue

we're all composed
of 206 bones
layered with skin
layered with sin
we're constantly told, "we're all the same"
blood cells, muscles, tissues, brain.
we all contain similar physique,
so why are we told, "we're all unique?"
our insides, in a way
are all the same,
though some pieces are missing,
hearts are still beating
pumping blood at intense pressure like some sort of perk,
brains are functioning even if they don't work
and we live the same life,
find our meaning, and then die,
so if we're all so unique
why are our days on repeat?
the outside is where the differences are.
we're labeled like we're in boxes and jars,
and sub-categorized for our own terms
even if we don't affirm.
if we looked in our mirrors,
would we see any clearer?
or would the question ponder
would we even slightly wonder.
are we all the same,
or all unique in different ways.

or are we all the same because we're all unique?

© 2011 The Still Air