Body and Soul

"Do you believe in angels?"
She said,
As she placed her hood,
Upon her head,

And let the rain fall,
All around her,
With an umbrella at her side,
Embracing the cool water.

"Do you believe there’s,
Someone watching?
Someone who knows,
How were moving?

Someone who knows,
Every last sway,
And every last footstep,
And every last day?"

With that I said,
"Close your eyes,
Listen to the sounds,
And realize,

That with nights we have left,
There’s just so many thoughts,
To let run through our heads,
To run us overwrought."

"I was curious,
Of what its like to die,"
She said, "for every person,
There's not enough stars in the sky.

If we were meant,
To be alive,
I’m sure the angels,
Would make us realize,

That a star,
Has no conception,
To our,

So I took her hand,
And placed it over the moon,
To show her how dark,
The world could be soon,

And I said, "we’re all the moon,
We’re not the stars.
The angels are all flickering,
Guiding us through who we are.

I know the way,
You feel right now,
And I know the world,
Turns up somehow,

But in these dire days,
Please don’t separate,
Your body and soul,
Don’t contemplate,

Just step outside,
And breathe the air,
And realize,
That life’s not fair,

But it’s the people,
We hold close and dear,
It’s the people,
That we hold so near,

It’s the angels,
We all have in our hearts,
It’s the angels,
Who have grown to be a part,

of us

that make this life
worth living.

I do believe in angels,"
I said,
As I removed her hood,
From her head.

And let the rain,
Run down her face,
"Those are the angels,
washing your tears away."

© 2011 The Still Air

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