in twelve .

the    four            corners of           the horizon            are held by  the trinity
                                 3  x    4.
             it offers            completeness   .         ending
 and   a wondering          for where's           the shore.
             when one has found its other half
      one plus one         does not equal two,
   but equals eleven.         the properties of one double and the
                                       things those two one's share, they now
                                       both have.
ten begins the countdown
                from the loneliness of the one and the zero
      to the moment the zero breaks
                                   and one stops    hiding from below .
nine brings a      sense of accomplishing
  pluto, being the     ninth planet
             fights for      a right  to be what it knows it    is
 like     two one'sfight  for a right    to be recognized as   what theyare.        they know they have it.
          eight                            repetition
                 where there's repetition         there's success
    practice makes perfect               and perfects what two one's aim for
so             repeat.         repeat .                address  .
            and in 7 is the mystery
 the mystery behind the faces of the two         one's
that        was broken by  a  bond
that           replaced mystery         with sun.
         six is        the sincerity ;
                 the balance , truth , and love in the two lovers
with     the balance   comes  a realizing that
                        the two         were meant for eachother.
         five   is     the     unpredictable .
               the number  of being         human
and      it's the one unpredictable, unforgettable month,
                     a significant    number   to the two one's     with union.
      and the four corners of the earth
                                are like the four corners of a home .
             one plus one equals four . two sets of arms to wrap two one's in
                                                like one's home should be - safe, and not alone .
three. past present and future
the past shaped the present one's for a future together
so that one plus one can equal three
and those two      one's will love that third like the love they have for eachother .
               two       is the communication.
 two minds think a like . two hearts beat the same .
       two worlds come together
                        two people light the flame
          and        one            finally          knows         one        is         the       one
     after      watching      every        swift       movement
                     and memorizing            smile                   lines                    
one was the new beginning. i wouldn't change anything for the world . I already lived the perfect moments

with my one .  

© 2010 The Still Air


A puzzle

speculating. searching. sifting. surrendering
                                                 the piece to the floor
      and rummaging through   the mess
                                          to find  the piece i'm looking for
re-conciliating the reconciled and pulled apart picture
                                 to discover a masterpiece hidden intricately
            and peerless upon perfect placements within her:
and        to think of her as the puzzle
                                    fitting piece interlocking piece
                  to reveal the absolute picture
                                   superlative and immaculate and in peace
if the image weren't this clear,
                                   i would tear away each and every piece of the picture
     and reassemble the    pieces until it was  
                                                unmitigated.  undreamed of.  matchless.  her.

© 2010 The Still Air



it seems meaningless
and its timeless
the one dewless
the one evening to truly mean goodnight .

© 2010 The Still Air


the only night

and still the trees sway
and still the winds make way

and still a season swiftly moves
and still the slightest change approves

and still a fire warms a room
and still the sky reaches gloom

but as the still fire crackles in peace
the stillness of winter will greatly increase

and the stillness brings a silence over the planet
and yet still the clattering glasses of the banquets

will not affect the stillness of the open air
or the people who still watch the silence stare

and still a tiny crack in the night breaks light
and still we toss on this sleepless night

but still it's the only night that uptakes
the only night where we'll smile while we lay awake

© 2010 The Still Air


Time Travel

Time travel is not difficult,
and though difficult  things   are more   rewarding,
this simple   task     can   be more rewarding,
than something   highly   difficult.
You won't   grow frustration,
you   won't    give up       and pack in,
but you  'll   do it     again and again,
and   wish the        moments  would   happen again       soon.

© 2010 The Still Air


The Compass and the Clock.

The   numbersTicked soo sloowly,   aside
    and   the    internal compass could    not decide
 on   north, east,    south ,                   or   west,
   but    unsettling,   settling   our    choice of   nest.

      a motion,   a question,  a suggestion,
   made a notion into  the   promotion   of            emotion.
    SloowlyTicckingNuumbers remained,
as       the   non-directive  internal   compass     constrained

What others    wouldn't   care           to understand,
or     would perceive   as    just an act            offhand,
is that  the  SloooowlyTicckiingNuuuumberrs    made time persist,
and   the never   settling   compass  was just   allowing two  souls  to coexist

 outside          the cliche's of the world on the    shelf
and    I wouldn't  have asked   for anything   else.

© 2010 The Still Air


one thousand pictures

the  words    begin  to      s li p
   right   offyour   lips,
         from       yourprettyface.

   the th r e e   word      confession
       f lls in every         question
    with   oneanswer in           their place.

   The    words     melt      into my   s k i n,
   and my       heart      op ens    up    when,
 the pictures   begin to           BLOOM

                    A pictures worth a      t h o u s a n d    words,
  and I know my                 own standards;
                           onethousand picturesfollow                     ‘I love you’

© 2010 The Still Air



Hello December Air,
  i've  been waiting
for   your   breezes here,
and    your   unique friends to start     
Hello Winter Breath,
i had  wondered if you'd  evenconsider
  letting your  unique  friends  visit
 as     winters     wonders.

Hello Pretty Weather,
  thank you     for  the  quiet,
that         her and   i   will   walk through,
    hand     in   hand,   along  with    your      climate.

Hello Cold Breeze,
  blow   your  wind  across the  sky,  silently
and   let it       turn my red   cheeks numb
 so i   can  sit  with   her by the       fire..          cozy .

© 2010 The Still Air