The Compass and the Clock.

The   numbersTicked soo sloowly,   aside
    and   the    internal compass could    not decide
 on   north, east,    south ,                   or   west,
   but    unsettling,   settling   our    choice of   nest.

      a motion,   a question,  a suggestion,
   made a notion into  the   promotion   of            emotion.
    SloowlyTicckingNuumbers remained,
as       the   non-directive  internal   compass     constrained

What others    wouldn't   care           to understand,
or     would perceive   as    just an act            offhand,
is that  the  SloooowlyTicckiingNuuuumberrs    made time persist,
and   the never   settling   compass  was just   allowing two  souls  to coexist

 outside          the cliche's of the world on the    shelf
and    I wouldn't  have asked   for anything   else.

© 2010 The Still Air

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