what is the still air?

From a mind that simply does not find reason to everything. From a mind that simply makes itself think. From a mind that simply knows what it means to be human. The air is still when I'm in my world. Nothing is moving, and nothing is allowed to move; it's just a place for my mind to work.

 from someone who dances melodies,
         in his head,
 the quiet stirring,
allows the     words to shed.

     There is a quiet stillness to the   air;
 the minds stream ofconsciousness finds it soothing and fair.

     the mind that will hold back, and not say,
   has  found letting them out    was better this  way.

and   if no one understands or the meaning they can't see,
          that's perfectly  fine with me.

                     I'm not meant to be understood,
                                even though most would,

            i understand what it's like to be human,
        and  to show  you who  i am; this  blog i      began.

                                                      -The Still Air
                                                             Jonathan Atkins