an ocean and a sea

An ocean holds a sea inside,
while a sea holds in an ocean wide.
What makes this interesting to me,
is that you are an ocean, I am a sea.

Your horizon, spaceless, meets the sky.
The sailing ships will never know why,
the old, dead, lost ships don't haunt,
at least not anymore, you've said what you want.

My sea holds a heart, lights up the depth,
light enough to stop me to confess.
I'll push more waves, with my salt water,
and watch as my sea, appears to grow deeper.

I know what's inside, your love so deep,
You're greater than I, my sea so weak.
So as sails navigate my calm waters,
others look to yours for open adventures.

                    it scares me to see,
                    how much separation there can be
                    between and ocean and a sea.

                               but it works        .

© 2010 The Still Air

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