a plane of pad.

Left, right, and center,
as the world folds within,
into symmetrical love letters,
sealed and flown in.

Distance is just a simple phase,
that will disappear tomorrow;
but still I count all the ways,
I can think of you; puts my mind aglow

Fly our notes far away,
High in the atmosphere, across this city.
Our hearts know exactly what to say,
and maybe others could use our serendipity.

But please, please remember,
that luck is not what drives me,
through cold nights of december,
through lonely storms over seas.

I can miss as much as I love,
and I love an awful lot.
but my happiness, or lack of,
Comes from a few mind filled fights.

I know that I'm
waiting for the seasons to change,
Heard of demise,
but we're no where close to that range.

We've still got,
so much love to share,
so lets give all that,
we have in this beautiful affair       .

© 2010 The Still Air

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