a quiet stillness

Moments can be     m e a s u r e d
in the  measurement of          sound.
For instance;
                      the quiet can scare us,
the way the       nothing     moves        around.

The quiet can be         overwhelming  ,
and at      times a            distraction.
Can      stir  t ho ught s   in a        mind ,
or           stealfrom           interaction.

A certain             loudness can            dwell,
in a                 room                 where we wantitleast,
even with a                        simple melody ,
words; dance.
                        distractions; release.

Finding.              Finding.
exactly           what weneed,
to   let our love                  out,
and to let it be                 freed.

                         It is a quiet stillness
     It is quite        still
and it’s rela xing,      I’m rela xed,
and          I’ll quietly      instill.

My mind is       cle  ar,
a         rarity,    i t seems,
for    a mind that     dances        melodies,
and          sings it’s      dreams           .

An imagination
         high into it’s nest,
where it finds          it’s partner   notsinging,
               just a quiet stillness.

           No fear in the eyes,
              no sign of stress,
       connection between the souls,
                                      in a quiet stillness.

© 2010 The Still Air

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