mssing lttrs

in a momnt th mnd wll fll in bl nks
seing thngs tht wer nver thre
som wold fnd this dscovry
wnderng how ths is fair

tht ones mnd cn b so dmb
to fll in smethng tht ws nver thre
wy do we se sch thngs
sch wrng thngs, unfair

i tll yu i’m th sme
nthng shold mke sens
bt ourslvs let thngs hve reasn
bcase reasns our nly sens

reasn fr evrthng
dth, scknss, prblms we list
bt no reasn fr ourslvs
no reasn to exst

so if we dnt mss a mssing lttr
thn hw cn we say
tht we’ll ntice ourslvs 

whn w’ve lst our way

© 2010 The Still Air

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