If life is not worth                       living,
then why are           we still here?
From lifeanddeath we're                           hiding,
underneath our

And if life is not worth               undertaking,
then why do          we still care?
Forgetting       almost                          everything,
and tossing it in the

And if life cannot be comp   lete,
then why do I      feelthisway?
about all the times                   we'll meet.
and all                the words we'll say.

And if I was put on this
was it to be                    nexttoyou?
The fire inside,
                      brought up from birth,
tell me,                                       can you see it too?

But if it was                               all coincidence,
then why should it happen to                             me?
May I say,                         if it's not pretense,
then clearly, i can't see?

                    If it takes a heart to find a heart,
would you let it die?
                   Would you save me, or do your part,
If I fell down tonight?

© 2010 The Still Air

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