moments away


up in    a  loft
alone           but content
remembering  time s
we've left our  love  bent

our playful reenactments
of  puppies, young,   in love
rreeppllaayy in my mind
replay &prove

we're in love witheachother
no matter        the        feet
you                       in new york
i      byalake

 and the moments we spend,
even further away
makes moments together
worth           remembering.


We've furthered the distance
by oh, so much more;
you've crossed the border,
I, above the floor.

I feel like the rope
that holds us together
is gripping at me,
pulling me tighter.

Until you're home.
and I the same,
the rope will grow tighter
and tighter each day.


     How is the city?
A different sight?
     Art on each corner?
the emotions; slight?

     I'm in a situation,
like yours, but different.
     The earth here is art,
and the emotions: content.

     Fancy, you may say,
is your living style
      while you're in the city
and I, in the wild.

     Someday soon,
we'll share the experience,
     touring in the city,
and northern adventure

© 2010 The Still Air

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