just paper.

disconsolate paper sings for someone to
come and write just a simple song. anyo
ne could write, anyone can write and wi
th writing, really, what could go wrong?
i am the paper and i just want some pen
to etch it’s thoughts and write out its am
en. i need someone faithful and true. Ple
ase write this life out. i’m calling to you. 
i’m wiped clean of any possible flaw; i'  
m just a blank piece of paper, why can’t
anybody draw on me, write notes on me

Secret notes, love notes, even hates too.
a drawing of a future. A drawing of truth

. what am i for if no ones to etch on me  
a future, a story, a life amazing and free?
i mean, i really am just a piece of paper. 

© 2010 The Still Air

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