a different colour

It’s        a different col our,
and a     different                 size,
and it caught          my   att entio n,
now  I’m

 This   round  shape  ,
the          proportions  are     odd ,
but    an interesting        sight.

Imperfection      could
mean          something,
a change?   A thought?
Emotive              sting?

Does   it        represent  me
Growing smaller with earth?
Or earth     growing smaller,
as     my     eyes     unearth?

              Is it my mind deciding,
to let go of me?
        Or me deciding,
to just simply see,

            who it is I am
                            am I who it is
                            am I the one
with    the pair      like this         ?

The grey;
               never before,
the size;
               so noticable,
and yet,                       I’ll let it slide,
         I know I’m just unstable.

© 2010 The Still Air

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