I stand alone with my mind,
cause something doesn't seem right.
thinking that day, that hour, that time,
                                                        as the world falls asleep.

memories of unspoken pasts,
nights i don't want to remember.
my minds state of harass,
                                                        as the world lay asleep.

And we were nothing before,
and i don't remember what i saw,
but it's a thought i can't ignore,
                                                        as the world dreams asleep.

and as i dream awake,
i forgive, but i can't forget,
i suppose it's my mistake,
                                                        as I lay awake.

I know there is someone out there,
one who answers every question.
one who's awake and emits prayer.
                                                        are you laying awake?

© 2010 The Still Air

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