Makes me feel.

It makes me feel
                         like I'm falling down,
The way it makes
                         my head move around.
And feeling that way
                         I felt when I fell,
Made gears turn,
                        and a moment to dwell.

It makes me feel
                        like I am a bird,
Set free of it's mother
                        with flight to be learned,
But I didn't catch on,
                        when I learned to fly.
Fluttering, failing,
                         as I try for the sky.

And it makes me feel
                         like I'm finally real,
Like I've washed away makeup
                         to really feel,
What it's like to be human,
                         and a human at best;
Just a poor fallen creature,
                                                          So far from it's nest.

© 2010 The Still Air

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