Timezon es,           sundowns,
everything's           different,
when    shesits      quietly,
        and  he   has   the same                  INTENT.

In     that  SilenceContainsConnection,
and a                 distance   can be present,
and it's   how they   k now   it's love,
  when     they 've   both the same           INTENT.

A flash,           and a clock,
and the     ticking  stops   in An INSTANT;
the     eyes    lock   upon
                           an impulse,
    they 'll   know   e ach   o thers            INTENT.

             Across a border,       timezones,
     they 'll be       lost        in the  
                                    mo    ment.
   So    d iffere nt,     so EQU AL;
                            they know    the         INTENT.

© 2010 The Still Air

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