Looks Like An Angel

I    built   a      ship,
as weak    as can be,
but          strong enough to sail,
       your salt filled sea.

                          And you let your waters,
                          drift me away,
                                    now i’ll never get        home,
at least not today.

I     see     the      light
in the                   distance,
           guiding me,
in the                  silence,

and     the       night takes souls,
       but the light brings peace,
                             this light helps the dark,
come to      cease.
because it looks like  an  angel
and  it  walks  with  the  night,
but      it      sings    with   me,
Until    everything’s      alright

My ship             bringsworry,
and      sorrow for       stock,
and it’s all that          I’ve known,
it’s all that                 I’ve got.

With    a small        hesitation,
and a sense of the                  wind,
      I’ll let this       apparition,
           take all that’s      within.

because it looks like  an  angel
and  it  walks  with  the  night,
but    it    sings    with       me,
Until      everything’s    alright

I’ve       screamed for       days,
and                         I stumble upon it now,
and my ship made it,
                             all this way somehow.

            From battering rocks,
and hitting sand beds,
             I swore I’d never     find          you,
now         I’m over my
                      head   .
because you look  like  an  angel
and  you  walk  with  the  night,
and    you     sing     with     me,
Until       everything’s      alright         .

© 2010 The Still Air

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