In Oceans

In a   CRASH with  the       ocean,
in open ing   up the          deep,
we can DIVE into its   waters,
dive       far into its             sleep

In a CRASH with the       wave,
we’ll tumble just
and   with  roll ing,     we’ll never  know  a ir,
but    we’ll never need to           know  .

In a   DROP of   the      ocean,
in the     smallest           little SPLASH,
contains    all     the   things   ne eded,
to      make our     hearts clash,

In a   DROP of a    wave,
we’ll    be hit so   hard,
but   continue      on            ward,
with   our hearts
                          held highly on    g  uard  .

© 2010 The Still Air

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  1. Now I just want to go swimming.