Hello October

Please, allow me to paint a setting,
                for those who can't sit and watch a leaf fall,
                for those who can't catch a glimpse of a cold wind,
                for those who can't stare up into the blue sky,
                and know that snow will soon touch the earth's skin.

Please, allow me to create this thought,
               that a world that decays its aging leaves,
               lets them fall so far to the lost, lonely ground,
               will let them join the leaves of the past,
               and let them be warm and silenced without a sound.

Please, allow me to tell you,
               this world needs more dead leaves.
               This world needs more us to keep it warm.
               This world needs so many more of you and I's.
               This world could use more open arms.

Please, allow me to die,
               an interesting statement, right?
               But look at what all the dead leaves do.
               I want to do my part, I want to be purposeful.
               I want to be a dead leaf, and a dead leaf that's true.

© 2010 The Still Air

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