My room has    no expiratio n       date
it s       a little  more     than a        sanctuary
and it       leaves me wi th        no threats
it   leaves me  not        a  statuary.
i m        here.                I want        to be here
iwant        to          feel           your            presence
reigning all around. raining all around.
even   in        a       tOTAL    absence.
 my  room   will start   the    ascent,   and   my mind will    assent:
because ilove to        REALIZE   the  love behind those    REAL EYES
that have got me        DAZEd      on DAYS        like     toDAY
and when the wall's    aligned   FLECKS    begin     to FLEX, I'll realize
                              moments  likethis     bend this     room,
         this         room i m      bound too
and      it will  expand,  and never        collapse,
while    in this room          is                           me&you   . . ..        .

© 2010 The Still Air

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