the trembling.

fear grips
as i
fumble for
the light.

im reminded
that there
is nothing
in the
nothingness of
the night
but i
feel the
nothingness stare.

the senses
fall victim
to the
fear gripping
at all
of them.

then they
are flooded
by a
sudden sense
of relief
as the
shadows are
sent to
smaller corners
of the
dark-less room.

where can
the victims
hide in
this room?

under the
only light.

and now
that the
fumbled light
has broken

the fear
grips my
back again
as the
eyes wander
to places
i don't
want them
to ever
wander again
but they
see this
every night.

fear gripping
my field
of vision.

fear gripping
my back.

the door
shuts and
the fear
disperses behind
me but
i know
it's still
there hiding
from me
as i
hide from
it again.

behind that
door is
the fear.

inside this
room is
the trembling.

© 2010 The Still Air

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  1. oh no!
    dont worry dear, you can come sleep in my room tomorrow :)